Monday, April 13, 2015

Mid April update

It is almost mid-April and things are flying at the farm and the homestead.

We finished the herb spiral for the most part. All that remains is laying the irrigation, which will have to wait, since we discovered a crack in the front control box piping and have decided to replace it with a larger and more accessible control box.

At the farm, we started the hoop house work with us digging the holes this weekend for the hoops. Saturday was a long day for sure.

Some of the holes were so hard packed, we had to dig what we could and fill with the water to soften up the clay

The finished product

We started work on the chicken run foundation using recycled wood posts from our local restore store. We also introduced the 2nd set of chicks into the coop, so now we have 25 chickens at the farm.

Goats are doing well and are starting to graze on the grass

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