Monday, April 6, 2015

Big changes

April kicked off with lots of changes.
We picked up our first set of goats on Saturday afternoon and quickly fell into a very rough schedule of feeding, etc. For the first weekend, it worked well, but on the first work day, I quickly realized we were not allowing enough time for the morning chores and getting to work at a decent time.

The boys are taking around 20 oz of Advance replacer at each feeding and are starting to nibble on hay and weeds in the pen, but have yet to take to grains. This may not be an issue, as they were born on 2/21, which makes them a few weeks younger than I originally thought and may not be ready for grains yet. Here are some pictures of things on the goat side

As part time farm manager for RTC Aquaponic farms, I was busy Sunday laying out the foundation for the new hoop house, where we will be producing greens and herbs year round. We are planning on being at the Wednesday's Longmont farmers market greens and a few weeks later eggs. With our systems, we will not have to deal with hot weather causing cool weather greens to bolt and become bitter, so you can have fresh greens all Summer and in the Winter we can still continue produce truly local food from just around the corner.
Chickens are growing like made. The first set is in the coop at the farm and we started work on laying out the post holes for the posts that will contain the run. The second set of chicks should be going to the farm in next 1-2 weeks depending on how the first set are doing and their size.

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