Friday, March 13, 2015

March update

Well, it has been about a month since our last update and things are moving along nicely despite the record snow in the last month.
Our goats have been identified and here are some pictures, They are a cross of Sonnen and Nubian goats. We have the doors on the shed and the fencing run and secured. Next steps are to mount the gate and do some painting. Delivery date is around mid April.

We are working with the Front Range Foodshed Initiative (FRFSI) to raise some more chickens at the farm where we are housing the goats. We are looking at between 12-24, which come late June would net us 5-10 dozen a week, which we would sell part of for us and the other part to help fund FRFSI

At the stead, we have moved the old beds to the new configuration for the hoop house going in this Fall. Next steps are put in the 3 support beams and then the actual hoops, so we can use them as trellises and support for shade cloth. In the front yard, we moved the lilacs and finished the rock wall and moved even more manure :).

I will try and get some pictures in of the farm and the homestead soon.

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