Monday, March 30, 2015

Goats, fish, and Chickens, on my!

It is the end of March and we are knee deep in farm chores.
Chicken update
We have installed our first set of 12 chicks at the farm
The chicks are staying in the coop for the next few weeks, before we pasture them, as we need to finish the run fencing. Our second of 12 chicks are in the brooder and will be installed at the farm in 2-3 weeks, when the larger hens will start pasturing.
We are looking at getting a few cornish roasters, which are ready for harvesting at ~6-9 weeks, but are still doing research on this, as the information in 50/50 on results, etc.

Goat update
We built the feeder for our goats this weekend out of a free pallet. Here is picture and it is based on this link

We also ran into some old 4H friends who told us they had a Nubian doe ready to kid and we looking at selling her and her kid, so we visited them Sunday and have decided to buy them once they kid. Yah, goats milk!!!!!!!!!!!
The person raising our wether goats has run into a situation, so we are picking them up this Saturday. Eeek.

Homestead update
We have laid more cardboard and manure for the front yard. Lilacs and other plants are budding away. Backyard, all the beds have been rotated and trellis built. Peas and carrots are in the ground. Waiting for a little more cleanup and will try and breed the rabbits for hopefully a May litter.

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