Thursday, February 12, 2015

Feb update

I am going to try and keep this blog more updated, but we will see how well that goes with all the projects

We started our first set of seedlings yesterday inside. Some of these are for the aquaponics system out front and some are for the ground.

Started work on the goat property with sealing up the new goat shed with a set of dutch doors and installing a new shelf for storing hay, etc.

Goat shed before work
Installed the rock retaining wall in the front yard as the first step for the new food garden. Next steps for that are finish laying the cardboard base and cover it with manure from the goat property, so we can make the Eastern berm.

Close up of the wall
Larger view of wall
We have big plans for the front year after owning it for over 10 years and having it be just a either a water suck or a patch of dying grass. There are plans for fruit and nut trees, bee hives, an herb spiral, and a variety of annuals.

Overall plans for the yard
Current state

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