Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Fair access?

Do we really have fair and equal access to infrastructure as cyclists? Based on this post my city's residents do not feel we should, but you notice the post about running me over, as been removed. I wonder if she did it or the city did it.

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  • Devin Quince
  • Devin Quince Except for the travel lanes used by bicycles, but maybe you do not consider those travel lanes.
  • Chelsea Johnson No I'd run you over with my plow truck. The city does better then any city I have seen if you don't appreciate what the city has already accommodated bikers please leave.
  • Chelsea Johnson The city of Longmont does a fantastic job on our streets. Plowing is a lot of work they put a lot of hours into making sure traffic flows smoothly and minimizing accidents. If you aren't satisfied with the city of Longmont and the way they plow I hear Boulder plows the bike lanes.
    • Devin Quince So, I should move because my city does not do what they claim to be doing according to the requirements to be a bike friendly town? Also, if the lanes are not clear, I take the whole lane, as is my right legally and I am sure you will tell me to get off your road.
    • Devin Quince
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The snow was late coming last night and this morning. Snow Team A started work as scheduled at 3:00 a.m. and worked through the night. The team lead reports snow routes are a combination of clear and snow packed. Turn lanes are mostly snow packed. Little to no accumulation is present in travel lanes. This morning snow flurries exist with temperatures around 15 degrees. Twelve hour shifts will continue at least through today and into tomorrow.
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