Thursday, February 27, 2014

Aquaponics and Spring

It is almost March in CO, which means Sunna is at a higher angle and providing more Sun and warmth, but it also the snowiest month of the year, so only the Gods know what will happen.

Our system is working nicely, which both a raft system and a grow medium bed. We had quite the episode of trying to get the bell siphon working and while it is still not working as well as we would like, it is working. We have greens, peas, and radishes growing in the beds.

We transplanted our 40 tomato plants last weekend and sowed some more peppers and other seeds we got from the Baker Seed Company who specialize in heirloom and non-gmo seeds. Please support them if you need seeds that are non monsanto virus seeds.

On the garden side of things, now that the ground is soft enough to dig in, we are working identifying the plumbing for the in-ground sprinkler system, so we can replace the heads with drip irrigation heads and hose to mitigate water loss during watering.

We will be building companion beds for planting around our fruit trees with swales in between them. In middle will eventually be a pergola area for relaxing and holding Blots. On the outside along the whole food forest will be 4 sets of hops.

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