Monday, January 20, 2014

Spring 2014 plans

Heidi and I have been working garden plans for 2014 and things are greatly expanding, as her mother and sister are moving back to CA, so we are getting the whole house/garage/yard back, which means big plans.

Some of our goals not in any real order
Chicken run expansion
Hops trellis
Xericscape the front yard
Install another 1-2 hives
Move the rabbit hatches
New bed along orchard
Transplant currant plants to above bed
Fix garage and configure rain collection for former currant bed
Look at installing greywater system for kitchen sink to go to orchard
Rip out sprinkler heads and replace with attachments for drip irrigation system
Design drip irrigation system
Remove fence between downstairs entrance and main back yard
Plant blackberries and blueberries
More to come.

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