Monday, June 3, 2013


Two of the hives we installed seemed to have lost their queens, which is not a good thing, so after some research, we decided to try and get the hive to raise another queen. We did this by shaking the working layers off away from hive, in the theory that they cannot fly back to the hive and then introducing some stock from another healthy hive.

We checked on both hives yesterday and one hive have a new queen cell forming, which is great news. The other one seems to on it's way to dying out, so we will let that one produce what it can and we will check the other one  in 2 weeks.

On the garden front, we are finally getting most of the plants in both gardens with just a few stragglers left to finish. We lost 2 of our new chicks to coons, but we will still have the other 2, which in another month or so, should get integrated into the main flock.

We are working on building a new rain water conservation system based on this picture that is about 1/2 done.

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