Monday, April 18, 2011

Great poster

I wonder if this is not where we are headed with gas prices and the economy.


Bikejuju said...

Love it!

bpo in kanpur said...

Lovely i really like this post..

lostpen said...

Its going awesome..but I like to say to change your font colors on photos in way that can be read..

Karl B said...

Nice poster! I can give up almost everything, but not my internet! Keep on spreading the GREEN!

charmel tan said...

It would be nice if everyone will use bicycles. Its much safer and cheaper. Their would be no pollution and we can save Mother Earth.
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TariqMian said...

Every one must go for bikes to commute work and back.
Car use must be minimal in emergency or extreme necessity. This is environment friendly, good for personal health and fitness and above all very economical indeed.
I'll soon be writing my own post on the subject in my blog.
Thanks for sharing once again.