Saturday, August 28, 2010


We are six days away from leaving Minnesota to move back to Colorado to be with family again. As most know I have been out here with the boys since mid July taking care of my dad in dealing with brain cancer.

We are flying back next Thursday, packing and turning in my LPS stuff as I am starting a new job in CO, and hope to be on the road on Saturday with a quick stop for a day at Midwest Thing with our Kindred who we will sorely miss.

We have had a great run in MN, but it also made us realize that we belong someplace more like Colorado and are excited to go back.

Our homesteading endeavors will be put on hold while we deal with my dad and get acclimated to CO, but rest assured they will be back.
In Frith,


Lisa Z said...

Best wishes to you guys! It was great to meet you through blogging and in real life. We'll miss your presence in Minnesota, but hope all goes well for you in Colorado. It is always nice to be near family.

Snak Shak said...

Devin - Best of luck in Colorado!! Take care, be safe and be true!

- Joe