Friday, July 16, 2010

More progressive?

We live in MN which is supposed to be so progressive, but have family and a house in CO where we used to live are considering moving back to so we can be closer to both sides of the family as they get older. Colorado other than say Boulder/Denver tends to be more conservative/libertarian than MN, but in someways they are much more progressive. On my way in on this trip I passed a new dairy on the city limits and then read about how in 2005 CO made raw milk legal while the nanny state on MN feels we are too stupid to make decisions about how and what we eat and are currently running a military type operation focused on shutting down raw milk dealers in WI and MN, but yet they are alright with allowing pharma and big ag to fill "food" with drugs, gmos, etc. with no real concern at all.
Here is progressive states like CO,


Anonymous said...

Having heard the stories of some parents of children who were recently hospitalized from e-coli via unpasteurized goat milk from a dairy outside Longmont, I'd question why anyone would subject their unknowing children to such pain and hardship. Maybe Minnesota has it right.

MN_homesteader said...

You mean like all the great stories about ecoli from spinach, maters, and meat is any better?
That dairy should be shut down and will pay in the end with customers choosing not to purchase there like it should be.

You need to know how your farm works and cleans things, etc. not depend on the gubermint to deems things safe which they have never been good at

Anonymous said...

I'd prefer more protection (nannyism as you probably call it) than simple free-market dynamics, for infants and small children whose parents choose to feed them a potentially dangerous product. For those of an older age, drink directly out of Lake Harriet, I don't care. Even if a negligent company has gone out of business (they haven't), that doesn't compensate for the hospitalization of innocent victims. Ok, cue in a response about parents feeding their kids Twinkies, Cheetos, McDonalds, and Pepsi and yes, those could lead to eventual health problems but they usually don't land you in the emergency ward at three years old.

And yes, I do rely on my government to build safe roads, enforce drinking water standards, and enact building and electricity codes. Visit places like Pakistan or China for a different opinion than mine.

MN_homesteader said...

Even if you believe the govt. would protect people from raw milk, etc. what makes you think getting compensation would be any better in the event of one of those "rare" times when they fail?

Also, I look at the roads and 35W for example along with all the other bridges that are being deemed unsafe due to disrepair and have to wonder how the govt. is providing safe roads, etc.

FYI, I would love to know who you are since you seem to know a bit about both Longmont and Minneapolis, but being anonymous makes it so much easier.
In Frith