Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Urban ag is growing

In the last few months, we have been contacted and interviewed by 2 people who were doing information gathering on the growth of Urban Ag/Urban homesteading. This is great to see, people getting more in touch with their food, environment, and lives instead of living in an x-box, wii, etc. Folks need to realize that choosing to grow your own food, raise animals, live a life of normal consumption of resources instead of what Americans deem as normal which is an atrocity is not weird, something for the country, etc. and does no harm to people around them. It is not more truly impacting on someone that the opposite of seeing people choose to waste energy, over-consume, etc. Hail to the growing wave of urban ag/homesteading and return to a slower way of life in general.
Off to continue building our sun shade for the back porch
In Frith,

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Annette - CoMo Homestead said...

We also were just interviewed by a reporter from the local paper. Here's to a growing interest in urban homesteading!