Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Heimdall Haven's CSA

Here at the haven we are looking at offering a small CSA (community supported agriculture) on our small lot. We are thinking a max of 3 people and it would be based on poundage delivered or picked up. We would like to keep it very local and when we deliver do it via bicycle as to reduce our carbon impact.

One thing we are thinking is possibly doing some custom veggie growing for people who are only interested in certain types of produce, but we are still thinking about it.

If anyone is interested in considering this, please feel to pass on the information or visit our more commercial gardening site at http://quincegardening.blogspot.com/ or contact via email on either site.
In Frith,
Devin and Heidi


Lisa Z said...

Good luck with this! I hope it goes well for you guys--and keep us posted!

Aleshia Mueller said...

My name is Aleshia Mueller with Reel Nomad Productions. I recently received an Artist Initiative Grant from the MN State Arts Board to produce a series of five short documentaries about people living with the land in different ways in Minnesota. I am currently casting subjects for the documentaries. Your lifestyle seems aligned with the theme of the series. Please see the casting call below to see if you might be interested in applying to share your story.




Aleshia Mueller
Reel Nomad Productions