Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Will we ever learn

I sent this to President Obama via a Credo petition denouncing the corporate control of our country. We need to take a hard look at where our country came from and recognize we are headed to that same fate if people do not start rising up and asking questions.
We let the Federal guberment threaten or blackmail states with withholding the fed crack line, the states do it to the counties and cities and in turn they do it to us. Our "government" has gotten to big and we all know what happens to big stupid giants, don't we?

President Obama,
Please remember we are for the people and more importantly BY the people and not the corporations. When making deals with corporations, please remember what happened in the past to begin this country and realize that could and perhaps should happen again.
The corporations trying to control this country could be look upon as England was then.

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