Monday, July 6, 2009


We are trying our hand at farming a neighbor's property who has a small plot of land. She was trying figure out what to do with, so when she was out weeding it we asked if we could. She said we could have about 250 sq ft to work with and today we got it finished and everything planted. In the East bed we have soybeans under the mulch and in the middle bed there are radishes, carrots, and planted. Finally in the West bed we have 2 rows of tomatoes (yes more), 1 row of peppers, and 2 eggplants along with some flowers. Here are some pictures to give an idea. Next year we are considering really getting organized and trying our hand at Spin-Farming. Since we feel we can grow our needs on a much smaller footprint with better planning and this may be able to give a run at our dream of urban farming for real.
Here are some pictures of the plots. So far we have radishes, bean, green onions, and carrots starting from seed.


linda said...

Your very lucky to have a neighbor like that. I wanted to ask you if you had bought the Spin Farming books yet and if you think they are worth it?

MN_homesteader said...

We have not purchased the books yet, but will this winter to plan for next year.