Thursday, July 16, 2009

Local meal

Last night we had a nice Asian rice-based stir-fry with most of veggies being either local or from our garden. Here is a picture of the ingredients which were zucchini (garden), bean (garden), mushrooms (local), carrots (garden last year), green and regular onion (garden), hot banana pepper(garden) and garlic from our garden. The only non-local food was the rice and tofu. Oh and the Amish past tomato was local also along with some kale that is not in the picture due to the afterthought.


Steph Hankerson said...

Bounty! You still have carrots from 08? I do not think I could ever grow enough carrots for my family's want.
MidPoint Green

lisazahnwrites said...

Love the beer with a lemon in the photo! Sounds yummy.

Angie said...

So is the beer local too?

MN_homesteader said...

Yes, but not by us. It is Schells