Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Food Inc.

The Quince homestead attended a free screening of the movie Food Inc. put on by Chipolte last night which was very well attended. The movies was very good and provides lots of information on how screwed up our "food" system is. I was worried it would be a bit like Micheal Moore's shock movies, but this was well done, to the point and very low on the shock factor. There was no real gore footage of animal abuses, etc. though there were some shots of real food preparation such as chicken slaughtering at Joel Salatin's farm along with large scale processing plant shots. I would consider this a must see for both followers of the food movement, but also others as well. We did take the boys to see this and the whole way home they were a question a minute about what they saw. They were also the only kids at the event as far we could see.
A huge kudos to Chipolte again for sponsoring this!

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