Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Spring hath left and Summer hath arrived

and with a vengeance to say the least. Our temps this week are 90's and humid with no real break in sight. We were supposed to get rain, but I guess our Governor must have decided to allot that from the budget also with everything else he vowed to protect and lied about. Yeah, you Pawlenty or should I say plenty since that is what we have had of your dictatorship.

We have been cooking on the grill to save heating the house with the stove/oven. Yesterday we made potato gnocchi with local potatoes, green beans, and asparagus. We also made a loaf of bread on the grill which was real chewy, but really good. Here are a few pics of the bread

Tonight we made pizza on the grill. We are also trying our hand at farming a neighbor's yard who gave us about 200 sq ft to work with. We will be putting tomatoes and squash there along with some soybeans which we sowed today.

On the job front there are a couple of opportunities, but nothing firm yet. I am getting more involved with the local food movement and am waiting to hear back from our local housing entity about leasing some vacant lots for community gardens. On Thursday I am giving an overview on urban ag to some neighborhood residents.

Today I attended a great presentation by Rose Hayden-Smith who gave an awesome and inspiring talk on the history of Victory Gardens.

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Steve said...

Cool idea with the bread. We just got a dutch oven and wondered about doing this.

We have a "stove insert" that has been converted to an outdoor place and I want to put an stone in the bottom and make it a pizza oven. We can't afford the kit as our friends have; they make great pizza. This is our low cost alternative.

A neighbor of ours lets us sharecrop her 50' by 50' backyard. It has been great. Good providence on your endeavor.

Steve in Central CA

Our Sharecropping garden:

My wife's blog with some garden:

She posts about the garden many times.