Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Permaculture at its best

We put in the corn today after we used the last of the 15 cubic yards of compost delivered on 4/14. The main issue was that the weight of the compost compacted and need a little tilling. Since we do not believe in tilling, we were at a loss, but then we remembered we had 13 little tillers. Here is a little video of 11 of them at work.

Over the weekend Heidi finished priming the coop which you can see in the video. We are still only getting 5-7 eggs a day on average which is a little frustrating since we have 10 layers. Any thoughts from the ether?

The Quinces


lisazahnwrites said...

Funny video! I love your "13 little tillers".

I don't have suggestions about the egg issue. We know that our Rhode Island Reds are very consistent layers, and that's been our experience. It could be your breeds. Have you researched that?

Janet said...

hens lay an egg every 25 hours and this normally works out at around 5-6 eggs every 7 days. They also need at least 12 hours of daylight to keep laying. I hope that helps. & eggs a day from 10 hens is probably fairly good.

Rick said...

I think that 7 a day from this sized flock would be good. You could still look for things that are stressing the hens if you are concerned.

MN_homesteader said...

We have 4 RIR, 1 coocoo maran, 2 sexlinks, 1 buff orpinton, and 3 silver laced wyandottes all of which are know to be good layers minus the buff who we know is broody. The main issue is that somedays like today we got 7 eggs, but yesterday we got 3 and so on. There is no real consistency like in the first 6 months of laying. Not complaining too much, just some minor venting.

ATTW said...

Another "tiller" is a pig... I wonder if Minneapolis will let you get one of those?

MN_homesteader said...

Right now Minneapolis does not allow hooved animals though we are working to change that!