Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Local food/urban farming meeting

Tonight we attended a meeting sponsored by IATP on local food planning geared towards Urban farmers and gardeners. It was great to see the large number of people of different walks of life and economic standing at this event. They had 2 urban planners if I remember right who spoke along with Will Allen from Growing Power and to say the least he was downright inspiring! Oh and there must have been at least 20 bikes there which was awesome to see.

We also rode part of the way to our house with a nice person who may spend a few days in July helping on the farm as a way to get more experience with urban farming.

We transplanted the tomatoes today for the last time before they go in the ground for the year. Tomorrow we will plant carrots and another round of radishes

We are also working on starting a garden design/support business geared towards helping people get their own gardens off the ground or maybe even has far as tending their gardens, so if anyone is looking for some help with design, building beds, or anything else gardening related, have them send us an email at quincegardening (at) gmail.com

The Quinces


Verde said...

How nice to have a community that does things like that! Wow.

Steph Hankerson said...

Growing Power is worth a visit. Inspired me to amp up my worm composting and to consider raising fish. Have not gotten to the fish yet, in time.

MidPoint Green

Lisa Zahn said...

What else have you been up to lately?