Thursday, April 2, 2009

New freedom gardeners group

I belong to a nice and active internet site that has a ton of groups within it that are a wealth info. I started this one to help connect TwinCities gardeners and homesteaders. There is is also a good one on Northern climate gardening and another one of food perservation

On the coop front, we are almost done sealing it up and making the initial run and are hoping to get them transferred before the weekend.


Steph Hankerson said...

Thanks for this tip, I had not seen this forum before. It was a pleasure to meet you after the Homegrown Mpls meeting last week!

Steph Hankerson

MidPoint Green

Luja said...

I am excited to find your blog and the link. We live in St. Paul and all of the urban homesteading stuff seems to be from people who live in warm places. It'll be interesting to see what people in the frozen north are doing!