Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Ist seminar

This Saturday (3/21) I am going to be giving a presentation on Urban food production at our local housing fair

I plan to discuss basic gardening techniques, ways to transform a backyard into a food production machine in an efficient manner, touch on basic permaculture ideas, and finish with food preservation. All this in 30-60 minutes depending on if I have to share my time with someone talking about community gardens.

I am also getting involved in project being started by city focusing on local food that has me really excited!

Friday we are picking up 5 new hens from another member of our chicken email list!


LisaZ said...

Good for you, Devin! That sounds great. I am working on the committee to start a community garden at our church this spring, and I'm really excited. We'll be networking with other comm. gardens in our area so this is a really big opportunity for St. Cloud. Things are happening!

Good luck with your presentations.

WheelDancer said...

Great, we just might make it to this. Either way, good luck with your presentation!