Monday, February 9, 2009

2009 progress

2 weeks ago Heidi started out tomato seedlings and yesterday I noticed we had around 10 sprouts so far. They are so tiny and it is hard to imagine every year that these will grow to be 3 feet tall and produce bounties of food.

We did the final numbers on our insulating projects for the front room and attic (soon to be our permanent bedroom) and it looks like a go. As soon as we get the garage a bit more organized and some space created, we will be buying the lumber and insulation so we can get started as soon as the weather gets warm enough to not deal with moisture on the underside roof decking.

We also started trying to dig the snow and ice away from where our new coop is going to go, so we can get then in before the growing season really gets swinging.

As always, we are getting excited about Spring.


WheelDancer said...

Excellent! We are just starting our garden planning for our first year of gardening. We plan on using raised beds. It may be the only way through the New Depression...

LisaZ said...

You started your seeds already? Wow. We don't start tomatoes till mid-March. We'll be starting onion seeds and a few other cold-hardy seeds in a week though.

Angela V-C said...

I'm impressed! We are planning on doing some container gardening on a small scale this season (so that we don't overwhelm ourselves and drop the project!) We have an unheated porch that has some protection from the weather, so we were going to start in there. And thus I guess we better get started!