Saturday, January 24, 2009

Newest member of the homestead

Since we have a problem with critters i.e coons, opossums, etc. and recently lost a hen to something, we have been discussing getting a dog. I have stopped a few times at the humane society, but no there were no dog breeds we were looking for such as German Shepard which are great for protection, but today we did and there was a 2 yo shepard/Akita mix, which is what we were more or less looking for. A great cross of 2 breeds known for their loyalty.
Here is a picture of myself and Griz and in case you are wondering, he is the one on the right.


nicole said...

Awesome! He looks like a great companion friend.

LisaZ said...

When I saw your post title, I thought it would be a dog! Awesome. How is his personality? Is he easy to handle? He looks gorgeous!

Steve said...

Our best dogs have been pound dogs or one that found us, ie followed us home or dropped in our yard. We also have a shepard that was calmly quiet when the rest of the pound was barking madly. I said we want that one and Calvin has been great.

The one strange one is the chihuahua that thinks he can keep up with the big dogs. Rats on steroids is what they are.

Steve in Central CA