Wednesday, January 7, 2009

First seed orders for 09

Heidi and I ordered tomato and pepper seeds for starting later this month from Seed Savers. Here is what we ordered for now. We are working with the Brazletons on our bigger orders for everything else. We are excited to get working on the garden again. We also planned out our new coop and where we are moving it to to get the chickens more light in the Winter. I now know how the old farmer/homesteader felt, no rest for the weary.
Tomato, Czech's Bush
Tomato, Amish Paste
Tomato, Dr. Wyche's Yellow
Tomato, Martino's Roma OG
Tomato, Large Red Cherry
Pepper, King of the North
Pepper, Alma Paprika
Pepper, Ancho Gigantea
Pepper, Rooster Spur OG
Pepper, Wenk's Yellow Hots OG
Pepper, Thai Hot OG
Pepper, Bulgarian Carrot

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TheOrganicSister said...

Oh You reminded me to post my list. We went a bit overobard but I can't wait. We ordered from I highly recommend them, great open-pollinated, untreated seeds and proceeds support a great non-profit organization.