Sunday, November 9, 2008

Weekends work

Here on the urban and rapidly-freezing homestead, this weekend we finally turned on the heat for the year set at 50 at night and 58 during day when we are home, as on Friday the temps dropped into the upper 30's during the day with rain and our first dusting of snow on Saturday morning. Lows were mid 20's and the chickens are thriving. We finished insulating the coop and sealing it off. We also built our homemade water heater, using a reptile heater pad and an oil pan to keep the water in the coop from freezing. We also moved the thermometer to nearer where the birds roost and are seeing the temp go from low 30's to mid 50's and still climbing. Installed the frame and cut and installed 4 shelves for the 2nd set of root cellar storage shelf.

Heidi canned 7 quarts of pumpkin, 3 pints of apple butter, and 2 containers of catsup. Also in the works is some apple and carrot and apple and green tomato chutneys.
The Quinces

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Verde said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog. Catsup is one of those things I didn't remember to can - I suppose I could still cook down one of the tomatoe sauses if we run out of the store bought stuff.

I know we insulated our chicken coop with roll insulation between the framed walls and put in a light - don't want the darlings catching a chill. It was also cheaper than considering new insulation in our old roof!