Friday, November 21, 2008

On a local listserv that deals with issues in my city, there has been some bantering about renewable energy sources mainly revolving around heating which is a huge deal here in the Northern Tundra of Minnesota. We have some who believe that burning corn and other biomass is the answer and others who feel wind, solar, etc. is the answer and others still who feel a mix is needed. While I am obviously not for fossil fuels, I felt the biggest action that needs to be taken is our overall reduction in our consumption of everything! Here is what I posted as an idea to someones request for ideas on alternative energy.

Jim, and hi everyone,

Could I suggest that we all join forces and work together? How about if we
team-up and brainstorm ideas for alternative
energy in Minneapolis?

One thing I have not read in this thread and if I missed it, please let me know is the reduction there by conservation of energy. Our current President-elect has hinted at it, but not come outright and said we need to do some serious thinking about how we live in America regarding over-consumption of everything from resources to food.

There is NOT enough alternative energy to support how the average American currently lives not matter what we do, so the only option we have is to reduce and become truly more self sustainable by actions such as eating locally, growing our own food, reducing our dependence on oil period and other fossil fuels, not just foreign oil.

Things are changing and not for the easier, so unless we seriously look at how to reduce our consumption, we are doomed. Our city should be less concerned about silly housing codes, such as peeling paint on windows, etc. and implement a plan to teach urban agrarianism. This last Summer we grew over 300 lbs of produce and put up enough veggies and fruits get us through the Winter until our Spring harvest starts along with the other local vendors and all on a standard N MPLS city lot. Imagine if we started acting locally i.e. as a neighborhood community and then a city and so forth and what we could get done.

Just my 2 cents,


LisaZ said...

Amen! Keep pushing that message...

I think George and I need to follow your example more. We certainly didn't grow enough to last us through the winter, although between growing and buying local and putting up I think we'll get close. Oh, I'm having a hard time ripping up that last bit of backyard though...

We shall see.


allochthon said...

Hi. I'm new. Would you share the name of the listserv?

mnultraguy said...

Sure, it is the minneapolis e-democracy list