Wednesday, November 12, 2008

November APLS carnival posting

I am taking part in the APLS carnival for November and here is my submission.

We at the Quince urbanhomestead feel that buying and living locally are 2 of the most important things in healing Mother Earth's wounds. The Winters here in MN are the biggest obstacle to be full-time locavores and we try to be honest in our locavorism and the farther into the Winter it gets, the farther our local becomes. In the dead of Winter, we make local the mainland US, but we have sworn off bananas, mangoes, or other tropic fruits from afar countries. We will buy Florida Oranges once a month to help with the vitamem C deficit here. We have put up quite a large amount of stores for the Winter and looking forward to trying to "live off them" for the Winter buying only what we do not have and need. Over 80% of the stores are from our garden and
10-15% of the rest is local with the rest from within the US.
The Quinces


Green Bean said...

It seems like a good compromise to me. You do the best you can with what you've got. I live in Northern California and can eat local any time I feel like it - if I eat what they're selling. Which means no more watermelon or blueberries right now - unless I had the foresight to preserve some for the winter. But, for folks like you, who live in less temperate climates, yours is the way to go.

Condo Blues said...

Thanks for posting this. I live in the midwest where eating local/farm markets is pretty much regulated to the summer growing season. It gets frustrating when people in warmer climates with longer or year round growing seasons don't realize that for other very environmentally minded folk in other parts of the country/world have to do things seasonally soley based on where we live, not desire or for lack of effort.

Anonymous said...

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