Monday, November 3, 2008

More work on the hometead

This weekend we insulated the the W and S side of the coop and added another light to the coop, organized our new 10 bales of hay, and did some other cleanup prepping for the Winter.

Here is a picture of the chicken's new run, which is really quite a nice little aviary!


LisaZ said...

That's a nice big run.

And hey! You're doing NaNo this year? Have you done it before? I completed it with a novel in 2005. It was an awesome experience! Hard work. Good luck and keep us updated on your progress.

mnultraguy said...

Yes, I am doing nano this year, but am already behind the curve :(

It is really amazing how small the world is.

I am trying to write a fictional account of our homesteading, but after peak-oil and on the slide down.

I know you have posted being torn about voting for that one :), but I hope you have reconsidered. If not, I understand.

LisaZ said...

Here's how I did it in 2005--two hours a day got me at the 1667 words mark. I needed and took one day off each week (usually by Wed. I was desperate), so then I worked extra on Saturdays. Whenever I got stuck, I'd write about something stupid like my character brushing or teeth, or describe the architecture of the house, or whatever. I also went to the bi-weekly meetups more than anyone else, just to get the inspiration going to KEEP GOING.

You can do it! But you've got to keep at it...

Just my two cents, in case you care!


LisaZ said...

I meant brushing HER teeth, not or teeth!