Friday, November 14, 2008

Heidi's b-day and overconsumption

Well, yesterday was Heidi's b-day, so we splurged a bit and went out for dinner. First time in a quite awhile. We have really cut back on our spending in the last year and Heidi has been doing an awesome job of keeping us fed with tons of our food along with local stuff from the farmers market and the co-op.

Her Mother's old dehydrator arrived in the mail as a gift for her b-day which if it works will be an awesome addition to our storing tools. It is probably 30+ years old, so who know if it works, but it is basically a box with shelves for the food and some sort of heat source, so it should be fixable if need be. We are working on mulching and covering the paths and new beds with cardboard for next years garden.

We are averaging about 5 eggs a day and the chickens are enjoying the weather. We are trying to finish getting the front room insulated, so we can move down there instead of up in the attic.

There was a great post over at Urban Prairie on our economy and how shoving money at banks, etc. is not going to help.


LisaZ said...

Wow, sounds like you've got a lot of work yet! We're slowing down some here, which is nice.

We'd love to come visit sometime and I keep trying to figure out when. Before it gets too cold...We'd love to see all you have done for the winter.

Happy Birthday to Heidi! I hope you had a good dinner out. Think of it as supporting a local business.

mnultraguy said...

thanks. We are always finding things to do. We would also love to see you before the travels get bad.

Tina said...

Hope you had a great birthday Heidi. Best wishes, Tina and Ben

Heidi Quince said...

Tina and Ben,
Tina Myers and Ben Thompson? Formerly (still?) of Northern California? Tina Myers of UCSD? If so, write to me at hquinceatgmaildotcom.