Sunday, November 23, 2008

More local eating and prepping for Winter

While we always try to eat locally, the last few meals have been amazing. Last night was a egg and potato frittata made with eggs from our chickens and potatoes from our garden. The rest was local produce from our coop. Sunday morning was pancakes with local ingredients and potatoes from our garden again. We also had a friend give us some raw goats milk and we made goats milk for the first time. We dug up about 20 taters and Heidi estimates we should have around 100 taters in the ground to get us through the Winter.

Saturday was our Family day with a visit to the Y so the kids could expend some energy at the kids gym. We also attended presentation at our local Raptor center which was really cool.

Sunday was homestead day with lots of Winter prep and Fall planting. We drained the rain barrels of their last water, mulched the hops, roses and remulched some other beds. We planted 117 garlic plants for next Summer and cleaned the chicken coop.

I also baked my first loaf of bread and while it leaves a lot to be desired from a looks standpoint, it tasted awesome.


phaedrus said...

Is there an issue digging up potatoes once the ground is frozen? We dug all ours up (not that we had many) a few weeks ago assuming we needed them up before freeze.

mnultraguy said...

no,the cold actually helps the skin last longer. I could see the only issue being actually digging up the ground.

rhonda jean said...

Don't worry about the look of the bread, if you remember how good it tastes, that's a success.