Sunday, October 26, 2008

Prepping for the Winter

This weekend, we made our last trip to the Farmer's market for the year when all the vendors would be there, but it was still much more quiet than the weekend before. We made plans to continue getting our milk through the Winter using a new local shop and visited them for their grand opening on Sunday.

Back at the homestead, we transplanted a bunch of pepper plants and 2 eggplants into a cold frame created with some bales of hay and old storm windows we rescued from the trash.

We also bought 4 pints of organic cream from a local dairy and used them to create 2 lbs of butter and 1 pint of buttermilk for freezing. We figured out this is cheaper than spending 6 bucks per lb for organic butter, as organic cream is 3.50 a pint and makes a 1/2 pound of butter and 1/2 pint of butter milk.

Updated with some pictures of the butter:

Last night was the first cold night for the chickens < 32 and tonight looks to be colder with temps between 20 and 30. They seemed to survive the night just fine, but Heidi is really worried about them, as she has never had livestock in a cold environment like MN.

On the commuting front, I am now on the backside of the mileage, as I am shooting for around 5K miles this year and am about to crack 4200 with 2 months left. Someone at work asked me the last time I drove to work and I could not honestly answer the question, though it was a few weeks before we donated the Kia.

The Quinces


LisaZ said...

Sounds good! I wish I could see your cold frames. Got a photo? I think we are going to do the same thing, for greens and stuff. We just need to figure out where to put it. Also, did you fill it in with soil or just plant at ground level with tall straw bale walls? I want to know more!

Congrats on the nearing 5k miles on your bike. That is amazing!

phaedrus said...

I checked out D'Lish the other day - seems pretty cool. I'll try and toss them a bit of business to help them stick around.

Carpe Diem said...

Is your milk pasturized? I would love to be able to purchase whole (unpasturized) milk here, but it is illegal to sell it. I can buy organic milk at the health food store, but the cost would be overwhelming based on the amount my family drinks. I'm working really hard on trying to convince Husband that we need goats. So far he is not bending ;)

mnultraguy said...

It is also illegal to buy raw milk here in MN, so we are stuck there. I find it funny that we can sell "food" filled with chemicals and other crap, but god forbid we ingest something as natural as raw milk

We have cut costs elsewhere to be able to afford organic milk in glass bottles. We drink about 5 gallons a week, so the price is a bit heavy. We are also trying to get the hooved animal law/ban revoked here.

phaedrus said...

"We are also trying to get the hooved animal law/ban revoked here."

Hey, I'll be happy to sign a petition and email or call my CM on that one.