Monday, October 20, 2008

Newest ventures

We at the Quince homestead are taking place in a few challenges this Fall and Winter.
1. The Freeze yer buns off challenge - Basically reduce your heat and increase your clothing
2. Pioneer week - A week of living like a pioneer. We do this mostly anyway, but I am sure my bike was not around for the pioneers, but oh well, she is my steed.
Won't you join us?


Paul said...

Funny: her commitment is to the exact same temps our thermostat is now set to. So I guess we're in by default ;-)

LisaZ said...

good luck with the challenges! I'm still thinking on the Little House one, but since we're on vacation this week I guess if it's this week we're out. Though I must say George's folks keep the house plenty cold (even here in Virginia) and almost all the food is homemade from scratch and they've got that New England Yankee attitude here which is almost pioneer-like!

BrighterPlanet-CB said...

Did you see this short video about putting a garden on the White House lawn??