Monday, September 29, 2008


A few months ago we decided to sell the van, as I have been riding to and from work for over a year now and it was not getting used much. Well, last week the Toyota decided to not start and I have not figured out what the issue it yet, so we have been forced into living the car-free lifestyle for awhile. Saturday night we realized that the boys had a birthday party in Edina and we had no car to get there. We sat down and started mapping out routes and rode! We left at 10:15 and got there at Noon with 2 stops for a present and a potty break. Heidi pulled the tag-along and I rode the Rans tandem, as 20 miles RT is a bit much more the boys, but not by much!

Overall the ride was pleasant, but we did notice a very distinct difference between the urban and burb areas and between the residential and commercial areas. America needs to learn a lot about how to merge residential and commercial areas, as to empower the non-motorized person to get out and enjoy life.

One positive to this lifestyle is while we find we cannot get as much done as we could with a car, we find ourselves asking do things need to be done now or can they wait. It makes more simple life, which is something we are trying to achieve more of.

On a sad note, this weekend we had the fourth cyclist killed in 2 weeks. While all incidents are still under investigation, I have to wonder why it is so hard for drivers to realize that we are traffic and have a right to be there, but you do not have the right to be there, driving is a privledge and not a right. If you cannot display the skills to control your 2000+ lb weapon, then you should not be able to drive!


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LisaZ said...

Wow! Glad you are enjoying being car-free. I think I would very much like it, too. We've got to get going and put the Subaru up for sale. Want a Subaru? For you guys, cheap! I think even having one car only will simplify life quite a bit (for the most part).

I guess we will have to come see you if you have no car! At least until NorthStar gets going next year.