Saturday, August 23, 2008


This last week Heidi put up 4 qts of tomatoes and we have another 15 lbs to put up this weekend. Along with that, we are canning some salsa, peaches, and freezing more carrots.
Todays load from the farmers market was the biggest yet with the box of peaches I got.

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LisaZ said...

I'm jealous of the peaches. Where were they grown?

We actually have a guy up here in Cold Spring, w. of St. Cloud, growing peach trees. I have yet to go see them, but he's trying hard to get them to be successful. Someday I'm going to plant some!

There's nothing like ripe-picked peaches. I never had a "real" one until our honeymoon in Virginia, when my MIL had some VA peaches at her house. Oh man!

Thanks for the update.