Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Homestead update

I know it has a been awhile since we have updated, so here we go.
We had a nice visit with the Zahns on Sunday which was a really good time and we cannot wait to meet up again. On the way back, Heidi and I were discussing how we have 2 great families here in MN that we connect with, but do not have the fortune of living in the neighborhood with.

On Sunday we went to the Garlic Festival/Sustainable farming expo in Howard Lake, MN. We stocked up on loads of garlic and learned a ton about growing garlic.

Grandpa (my Dad) is coming to visit on Sunday for a little over a week and we are excited about that especially since I am on vacation also :)

We also have 3/4 layers laying eggs now. The fourth seems to having some issues with getting a shell around the yolk. One of our layers has been producing double yolks which is really cool. 3 of the other hens from the 2nd flock will be making the transition to the big hen coop, as they are around 14-15 weeks and should be laying in the next few weeks.

We have so far harvested 35 lbs from the garden. We preserved the following if memory serves me right:
From our garden:
5 quarts of pickles
3 quarts of pickled peppers
3 lbs of peas
2 lbs of beans
3 pints of salsa
10 lbs of carrots

Harvested, but not yet preserved:
18lbs of maters waiting to be canned
2 lbs of peppers
1 lb of beans

From the FM
5 lbs strawberries
3 lbs of raspberries
2 lbs of blueberries
1 bushel of beans

Lots of harvest eaten on a daily basis. This last week was the first week we bought nothing from the FM :)


LisaZ said...

Great to see an update! You guys are doing so well at this garden/animal homesteading; it's amazing how much you've accomplished already. Have you ever heard of the lack of egg shell thing? I'm going to have to look that up.

And thanks for the comment over at my blog on the pasta dish. That is what we ate Sunday! Needed more tomatoes and basil this time, though. It always goes that way when you have company, I guess.

You could always move to St. Cloud, ya know...way cheaper to live, too. But you will have a great new neighbor in Mpls. soon, too, it sounds like. Ah well. Come and visit us again. We'll be in the Cities eventually again, too. It is fun to get together!

Liz said...

Did you think the garlic prices at GarlicFest were a little high? I sort of expected to come home with bags and bags of garlic with my $50. But it was a blast, nevertheless!
I loved sampling the different varieties.

I love that you give the weights of what you harvested- I really need to get a (kitchen) scale.

mnultraguy said...

We were a bit surprised at how little garlic our money bought, but oh well it was supporting sustainable farming.