Monday, July 21, 2008

Freedom garders on July!

Over at Freedom Gardens, we were selected as Julys Freedom Gardener of the month. Here is the quick interview with them.

FG: Tell us a little more about your garden.
We live in North Minneapolis on a lot that is around 45Wx100L in feet. We are about a block from a large city park that is teaming with flora and fauna.

Last year we had a small garden with tomatoes and peppers due to the condition of the ground. In the back yard, we had 2 layers of pavers that were once used for the cities road with a layer of asphalt between them all under 2 inches of grass.

2 Falls ago (06) we started tearing all this out and built a paver patio and over this Winter with the inspiration of Path to Freedom, we took the next step and went from a 50 sq ft garden to what we have now (~700 sq ft).

We are growing the normal round of food that is pretty local to here: tomatoes, potatoes, beans, peas, lots of greens, carrots, etc. The garden is mainly comprised of raised beds and tries to follow the permaculture principles of restorative gardening. We are also raising chickens for their eggs and reusing their outputs as inputs for our garden.

FG: Behind every garden, there must have been blood, sweat and tears. What have you felt was (is) the hardest thing you've faced (or are facing) in your gardening? Would you care to share a story?
The hardest thing is probably the time management of working full-time in the work world and then still having to find time for the homesteading. The other hard part is keeping up with all the changes that spring up.

FG: What do you feel is the most important thing in gardening?
To us the most important aspects of our gardening is being able to feed our family while knowing where that food comes from and also making sure we attempt to garden in a restorative manner, not just a sustainable manner.

FG: Have you changed - emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually - since you've gardened?
We have always been gardeners, but mainly my Wife. This year, I find myself more calm, stronger, and happier that before. Also quite a bit more tired :)

FG: Has the website helped you with your garden?
Yes, the website along with PTF has provided the information, connections, and support to take the next step
The Quince Urban homestead


idubrawsky said...

Awesome job! It's amazing what you're doing with the land that you have. We've also got a garden in the front yard and it's growing. We're going to add chickens and hopefully a beehive as well in the near term future. I look forward to hearing more about your efforts

AJK said...


WheelDancer said...

Awesome! I'm not sure we're quite ready to take the plunge but sure is inspiring to see the plunge taken and the success you are having.

Nice to run into you the other day too.


han_ysic said...

Just found you guys through Path to Freedom. Love the garden. It's great to see your kids gardening. I don't have kids but get my cousins, my neighbours kids and whoever else I can steal to come. They all love getting their hands dirty, especially when they get to eat from the garden at the end.