Monday, July 21, 2008

10 lbs

Nothing like PTF, but we just hit 10 lbs of produce harvested from the garden. Last night, we had cute little new potatoes, an onion and tomato salad, some beets, and a veggie stir-fry with carrots, beet greens, and onions all from the homestead!

Our second brood of hens are growing nicely despite the coons trying to use them as snacks. We have lost 8 hens to coons this year, but after several botched attempts we finally feel the second coop is secure. We are at 10 hens now and are planning on staying there for the rest of the year. This week start 18 weeks for the big hens, so we should hopefully be getting eggs soon :)

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LisaZ said...

Oh no! Sorry to hear about the hens lost to coons. We are keeping ours totally enclosed in the coop George is building. And then maybe we'll do a "walking run" that we can move around the yard but that still keeps them enclosed. I guess that's just reality, huh?

On another note, it's great to hear about all the goodies you're getting out of the garden. We're enjoying our bounty, too.