Monday, June 23, 2008

The Zahn's visit the homestead

On Sunday Lisa Zahn and family stopped by for a lovely visit at the Quince homestead. It was great to meet them and for the kids to make some new friends.

Unfortunately we were busy talking to take any pictures :)

Thanks for coming down to visit. We will be up this Summer for sure!


LisaZ said...

I realized after we got in the car that we forgot to take pictures, too! I meant to do that and put it on my blog. Oh well, I'll make a mention of it like you did at least, and hopefully direct people to your blog.

We had a great time! You guys have so much good stuff going on. It's also great to say I know a geologist now who knows the oil crash is upon us...(would that be accurate to say about Heidi?)

Peace, Lisa

mnultraguy said...

Yes she is a geophysicist and yes she knows the truth, much better than most. We had a great time.

LisaZ said...

Thanks for the answer, Devin. And btw, we will be so excited when you can come up and see us! You'll like it here, I think...