Monday, June 9, 2008

Chickens, harvesting, and a green roof!

Well, where to begin?
On the chicken front, we received the order of 8 sexed hens from Heidi's sister cathy and her are 2 pictures of the boys with them. They are cute little fuzzballs. On the bad front, we lost one of them due to not dealing with the traveling well. We buried her in the back yard on Saturday night.


We are currently looking for a butcher to slaughter our 9 roosters, which on average now weigh 5 lbs each, but are not having any luck. We put up a wood fence on the south side of the chicken run and a gate to access it and also extended the run to be on the north side of the coop also. We also dug up a 4x8ish plot on the front yard and planted some trinity corn and with the removed sod from here, we laid it on the chicken coop as a living roof if it survives! Either way, it will help keep the coop cooler.
East side of the run

Another E

South side with new fence and green roof

Fence and gate

Better view of the green roof

North side of the coop

In the front yard, we planted some sunflower seed to make a tepee for the boys

and a before pics of the new corn bed

They also got to sow their own gardens

We also have harvested the following so far:
1 pound of radishes and 8 oz of spring greens

Some pictures of the new asparagus


Close up

Most of the backyard

The Quinces


Anonymous said...


Curious what the wire mesh over the corn bed is for?

Best Regards,

Chicago Mike

mnultraguy said...

To help keep critters out of the bed until the seed start sprouting

Carpe Diem said...

I like the new header! Very spring like. I wanted to email you privately in regard to your mushrooms, but I didn't see a link on your blog.

I was contemplating growing them myself, but have no idea what is required. Would you be able to provide some insight and tips?

LisaZ said...

This looks so awesome! Your gardens are further along than ours here in St. Cloud. I love the chicken coop with its green roof. I'm so jealous.

I'll call or email next time we're in the cities. Would love to see your place. Actually, what are you doing the weekend of the 21st/22nd? We'll be in Maple Grove on the 22nd for my grandma's birthday. Maybe we can sneak away before or after.


nika said...

beautiful work!

Love the green roof. Our chicken house has a clear roof so I think it might not work there but we will be building the pig house soon, perhaps part of it will be sod, will think about it.

For mushrooms I recommend

Stamets is THE mushroom dude and their products are awesome. Buy the spawn plugs.. maybe even the kit so you get the right bit.

Get his mushroom cultivation book to help with basic knowledge to trouble shooting if your shrooms do not fruit, etc.

Will put you all on our blog roll at

We are not urban as in inner city but we are exurban (meaning we are not on a farm)

May your garden boom!


camp mom said...

We did alot of urban homesteading when we lived in town. Got loads of grief from nieghbors that it was ruining the look and feel of the how do your neighbors in your urban setting handle it? We moved and now we have alot of acerage to grow our own food and grow together in a happy peaceful manner....although the commuting stinks.

mnultraguy said...

Camp Mom,
Our neighbors are alright with what we are doing. The biggest issue were the 9 roosters we had. We are now down to 2 after giving 3 away and processing the other 4. As much as we would love a country place, we are also looking at what happens when gas becomes too expensive for standard use. Living in an urban environment will help with that.

Mist said...

That is the most awesome idea for a chicken coop roof! I really love it. The garden is looking very nice as well.

I hope your boys have as much fun with their own little plots as my kids have had with theirs. :)

Sven said...

Good Job! :)=