Thursday, May 8, 2008

Weekly update

Here is the weekly update from the homestead. Work on the coop is progressing nicely and we are hoping to have the chickens in by this weekend. They are spending the days outside and inside at night. Here are a few pics of the coop.

On the garden front, we have transplanted our neighbors strawberries, planted broccoli plants, asparagus, and large assortment of other veggies. Our peas are starting to come up along with radishes, greens, and carrots.

Asparagus beds


Some pics of all the beds

Pics from Simon's party

On the commuting side, I broke 1500 miles for the year on today's commute and I am still loving the X.

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Fred said...

Have you considered innoculating the woodchips that are around the raised beds with mushroom fungus? You could get an extra crop from your garden that way.