Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Weekly update again

It has been a busy week at the homestead. We finished roofing the coop, so the chickens should stay dry in a heavy rain. No pictures yet of the roof, but here is one of the first panel of reused aluminum siding from the shed we tore down 2 years ago. The coop is 75% recycled materials.

Last weekend the boys made stepping stones out of the last of the concrete used for the coop footings. One with E, S, and Q for the family.


Some pics of the garden, which is starting to come along nicely. We still need to finish the pepper and tomato beds along with the corn beds.

Some of our homegrown shrooms and no, not that kind!

On the topic of my buddy who got hit, we were at their place on Sunday working on getting their garden in and here a few pics.

Last, but no least on the commuting front there are now 2 more riders in the building at least minus myself and Paul. I also got a really cool Obama spokecard for the X


The Barber Bunch said...

It is Carolyn from Freedom Gardens. I just thought I would stop by and visit your Blog!

Happy Growing!

LisaZ said...

Hey, I found you a few months ago and have now re-found you through someone else's blog links. I'm glad about that! I love seeing your photos of your Mpls. yard and gardens. We have a similarly sized city lot in St. Cloud and are doing our best to garden all of it, too. Urban homesteading is where it's at! I'm really jealous of your chickens because here in St. Cloud we're so "backward" they're not allowed. I'm hoping to either change that or be an outlaw chicken keeper soon.

Feel free to come visit my blog and you can see photos of what we're up to, as well. I love to make Minnesota connections!


AJK said...

Your Garden is wonderful! The mushrooms look so yummy! Keep up the great work!

Tara said...

Mushrooms! wesome! Would love to hear more about them!!