Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Garden update

Over the last week we got 20 tomato plants in, 2/3 of our potato crop, planted 8 raspberry plants on the north side, sowed our edemame seeds and went camping with the Brazeltons.

Our new set of chickens should be coming soon and we are excited about that even though we just the front room clean from the first set.

Here are some pics from the homestead:
Corn bed before all the work

After planting. The dip in the middle is our swale with is filled with water every time it rains. This is another part of the Permaculture aspect of the homestead.

The finished chicken coop

The potato bed with peas on the north side and garlic all around. The trellis in background was built by Heidi, but we found it needs to be reinforced for the weight of the peas.

The first of the tomato plants, which ended up being 9 romas and 6 san marzanos. IN the back ground we ended planting 3 more san marzanos just on the other side of the wood plank.

Next to the first tomato bed are the edemame seeds

Another shot of potato bed after we sowed the first 2 batchs of potatoes (yukon and Keuka Gold)

Peas are getting really tall

Our greens bed with edible flowers

This bed is broccoli and some other things that I cannot remember what. It seems to be growing a bit slower than normal.

Strawberry beds


First berry of the year starting to grow (the size of a dime)

Another greens bed with kale, chard, etc.

carrots, radishes, parsnips, etc.

Now for the chickens!
One of our 9 roosters :(

Another rooster enjoying some bug time

2/4 of our hens


nickel said...


did you use a book or some other media to learn how to set up your gardens or just from learning from others?

mnultraguy said...

My Wife has been gardening for a long time and we use a lot Permaculture resources on the net and from other friends. Google urban homesteading or permaculture and you will be amazed at what is out there.

anajz said...

I love your strawberry bed and chicken condo. Absolutely too cool!