Monday, April 28, 2008

Weekly update

Time for an update from the Quince homestead. Over the last 2 weeks, we have completed a few tasks and started even more.

Build the rest of the beds required for all the pre-frost plantings of garlic, onions, greens, peas, radishes, carrots, and whatever else I have forgotten. Here are some recent pictures of the new beds.

Started the chicken coop finally.
The chicken coop is going just in front of the bags of leaves and will be an elevated A frame structure big enough to house 12 hens.

Another one from the house airing our clean laundry, which was the first outside drying on 08 :)

This was taken from our newly finished paver patio that was built with recycled pavers. Here is one of that:

We also planted 2 new fruit trees in the front yard, an apple and a plum tree. The peas on the South side of the house are starting to come up, which is another project that has been started, Heidi started to hang the pea trellises. She hurt her knee a week ago, so she has been taking it easy, which would be hard to tell with all the things getting done, such as her sowing radish seeds here:

On the chicken front, they are getting huge as you can see here, which is the reason for the coop needing to be finished along with the other 8 hens Cathy is sending us

Simon's big day is Sunday when he turns the big 8, so we will get lots of pictures of that event and post up for all to see.

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Offgrid said...

Great blog. We're doing the same thing but in suburbia. Until we can find our own plot and build a small bungalow completely off the grid.