Thursday, April 17, 2008

Catch up time again

It has been a while since I posted up about the homestead, so here we go. We have all 6 beds in the ground now, which gets us through last frost. Last night we planted radishes and some garlic. We are also working on hardening off more garlic and onions in the house to plant this weekend.
Here are some garden pics from various stages this Spring
Working on the Potato bed


The beds are in here, the potato, the Insectory island used for attracting beneficial insects used for pollination, and the onion, garlic, etc. bed.

Last weekend I attended an Intro to Permaculture class and I think I have found my calling next to bike advocacy! We are trying to really incorporate Permaculture into the homestead as a way to show people what can be done in the city and help restore the Earth. Weather has finally broke now and Spring is here. I have taken the boys to school on the X 3 days this week and they love it! Over the weekend, we had a quick birthday party for me, so here are some pics from that event.

On Monday, I took the day off and Heidi and I rode to the coop and then around Kenwood parkway where the McMansions are going in. We are trying to finish the second and third composters out of pallets and since we found one in a dumpster on the parkway, we mounted it to the X.

We are just about done with the attic tear out and will hopefully be installing the new 2x8 rafters soon. The chicks are getting huge and have just about all their feathers, so we need to work on getting the coop done!

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