Monday, March 3, 2008

Spring gardening prep work

This weekend we continued the demo of the front room and transplanted our tomato plants into separate containers. We have roughly 44 tomato plants ranging from Roma for canning, Jubilee, San Marzano, and cherry for everyday eating. We also paced out the garden plots to get an idea of what the garden with look like and occupy. We are looking at between 20-25 raised beds with 3 composters.

We also finished out the calendar for the planting. Here is the basic plan:
3/15 - Plant Peas and get trellis in by 4/1
Will add to this list once I get the calendar in hand, since I cannot remember what else there is. I do know my b-day weekend is going to be busy!

Also will break1000 kilometers today for commuting on the way home.

The Quinces

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Carpe Diem said...

I can only dream about planting outdoors until the third week of May. I plan on order tomato seeds today and starting them indoors.