Monday, March 17, 2008

More Garden Prep (long post and picture intensive)

This weekend we started the tear out of the attic, moved the boys out of the living room and into our old room. We moved into the attic and will be living in the demo/construction zone (Pics coming tonight). Outside, we build a new composter, laid out some bricks for the first view raised beds to give us a visual on how things will look. We were going to do 4x4 beds, with 18-24" paths in between, but now we are thinking of combining them to be 4x8-10 foot beds. Here are some pictures. We lost a ton of snow this last week, but woke up this morning to ~ 1" and are looking at 3-6" tonight. Welcome to Spring in Minnesota!

Most of this will be raised beds. Heidi is standing about in the property line

Here is the back part of our property, which right now looks a bit like something out of a White Trash neighborhood. The two composters (wood and round stone) are coming out and more raised beds are going back towards the property line where they will meet up with out raspberry and strawberry bushes

Pictures of the new composter. On each side of this one will be another composter. This will provide 3 stages of composting, new, medium, and old or ready for the garden.

The stone patio we have been working on for 2 years now.

Multiple pictures of what are to be the raised beds. Right now they are setup as 4x4 beds with a bath in between each. There are 3 total with 2 paths. From the front of the first picture, it is bed, path, bed, path, and the last bed.

Looking W from the patio at the S end of the beds

Looking W from the patio at the middle of the beds

Looking W from the patio at the N end of the beds

Looking North from the S end of the beds

Here are we are going to remove the drive way from the crack that even with the blue rain barrel back to the garage to create more garden area for next year, if not this year. At a minimum, it will provide better drainage for the water and will getting rid of some asphalt.

Where our peas, beans, and some core are going:

Just a bit of what we had recently compare to now

Pictures of our seedlings

Tomatoes at the start

One set of the tomatoes after the first transplant. We now have 3 trays like this along with 2 trays of garlic

Lettuce and parsley

Our sunning area

On the commuting front, just broke 800 miles for the year commuting, which would equate to 800lbs of carbon emitted and around 150 bucks in gas in commuting alone not including wear and tear on the car. I am really loving the X and cannot wait to be able start riding to the co-op, etc.


nickel said...

One of my favorite Wedge moments was when they announced over the loudspeaker, "To the owner of a red Raleigh road bike, you left your lights on".

Carpe Diem said...

I'm so jealous! We still have 4' of snow in our yard. I like your composter idea - I've seen them made out of brick before. Unfortunately brick is not used a lot here (though I love the look).

Annie said...

I like your ideas and wish lots of luck in obtaining all your goals!
we are starting our garden this year for the first time too and I have so many plans for it I just hope I can accomplish most of them!