Monday, February 25, 2008

Xtracycle is done

We purchased an Xtracycle last week and this weekend I finished the conversion. Today's ride in was the first ride and it was sweet. There are some minor chain slippage issues due to adding a new piece of chain to my old chain, which is the indicated method. The first mile or so there was some slippage in the hills and when I would start out from intersections. By mile 2-3, there was none, so I am not sure whether the chains have melded or my technique is better. Either way it was an awesome ride and am excited to use this to run errands such as co-op, trips to the farmers market, etc.

Also received our first load of seeds and are excited to get them in the ground. Did some more demo on the front room and it was great to open some windows and let in some of the Springish (!40F) weather!

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