Thursday, January 3, 2008

Tracking our vehicular carbon usage

We are going to try and track our vehicular carbon usage this year. We have 3 vehicles (I know bad)
1. Kia Sedona minivan - 17 MPG
2. Toyota 4-runner - 18 MPG
3. Kawasaki Concourse motorcycle - 40 MPG
Based on the following numbers calculated here:
4800 lbs of carbon would be used if I commuted a full year which is 240 days based on 12 months with 20 days in each month in the kia 21 miles RT @ 17 MPG. This equals roughly 20 lbs of CO2 emitted by 1 gallon of gas consumed.

I would figure the numbers are close enough for the Toyota and the MC is about 12lbs a day for my daily commute. I am going to try and log the daily usage for each time we use a mode and see how we do.

So far for this year, here is where we are at:
1/1 - 10 miles - travel to hardware store for supplies to make our homestead more energy efficient and the local coop for groceries. - 10lbs of carbon emitted :(
1/2 - 21 miles to work and back on the bicycle 20 lbs of carbon negative
1/3 - 21 miles to work and back on the bicycle 20 lbs of carbon negative, 15 miles RT to YMCA for Heidi and the boys 15lbs carbon emitted. Total for the day -5 carbon, still a negative emission rate for the year!

I will add this as a list on the main blog page

On the garden front, we are going through the garden/seed catalogs we have received and are trying to figure out what we are going to order for where and when along with still designing the garden plot itself.

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Nickel said...

Tracking carbon emissions is a really great idea!